Site 12: Sand Dunes

This is one of the main restoration sites of Travis Wetland, where coastal bush once typical of stabilised sand dunes is being re-established.

You are walking along part of the ancient sand-dune belt that forms the north, west, and east boundaries of Travis Wetland. Once grazed by horses and dominated by lupin, this sand-dune habitat is being restored. Weeds have been removed, and the site is now dry coastal bush, shrubland and tussock species. Kanuka and akeake are the main small trees here.

Can you find this plant ?

Coprosma propingua, Mikimiki
These small leaves and tangled criss-crossed branches are typical of divaricating shrubs, a characteristic growth form in dry eastern parts of New Zealand. Scientists are still arguing whether this is an adaptation against moa browsing or the response of tropical-origin plants to the onset of glacial climates – possibly a combination of both.

Can you see this Bird ?

Bellbird, Anthornis melanura, Korimako, Makomako