1994 Crossroads in Time – Joe Greenaway

To the passing traveler it’s just a hill of sand
But beyonder under blackberry and willow lays a great swamp land
In days gone by was kai to Oruaperoa the nearby Pa
Then supported a living to the European from afar
Now home for many a plant and bird
Where on a moonlight night the pukeko can still be heard
Where sedge still sways when the Nor’wests blow
Through the nodding plumes of the noble Toe-toe
Endless flax fringed waterways surrendering
To beyond the gentle Avon calmly meandering
This great land so unselfish to share
Its resources be it food or plants so rare
History records beyond that mud and bog
Lies the heart of a giver under the protective morning fog
To some this should be saved
To some this should be enslaved
For the mark of progress has come to its green quarters
And box like buildings may bury its flax and waters
And so great swamp it has come to pass
Will we save you clock of shimmering grass
Or do you succumb to something called progress
And make it your duty
Giving a home to some who won’t appreciate
Your sacrifice and see your beauty