Travis Wetland Monthly Newsletter August 2019

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August 2019

Workday Reminder, August 17 2019

Travis Wetland Location Map
Travis Wetland Location Map

The next Travis work day, is Saturday August 17 2019, 9 am – 12:30.

Meet at the Education Centre (the old farm house) near the Beach Rd car park at 9 am.

At the time of writing I don’t know what we’ll be doing – aside from trying to keep warm! As usual the work will be followed by morning tea at the Education Centre.

When we leave the Education Centre to work somewhere around the wetland a notice board in the porch will indicate where we have gone, if it’s not obvious.

All tools provided.

Latest News

Workday Saturday 20 July

This was another wet morning, so only a small group of 7 plus John our ranger turned up. We were pleased to welcome Callum, a student from Canterbury University, who was keen to get his new gumboots muddy and find out more about the wetland.

Missing plants

We were disappointed to learn that some of our recently planted specimens had been stolen, leaving rows of holes amongst the established dune areas. On the walk around we discovered that someone had also stolen some nylon sacks from near a weeping willow tree. In order to do this they had tipped out piles of ivy, which had been removed from trees and bagged up for later collection. We gritted our teeth and tried to stay positive.

The weather was kinder than expected and despite a little fine drizzle it was quite mild. Planting out around 100 trees certainly kept us warm and we were pleased when Grahame arrived for a visit, allowing us to stop for a chat about latest bird sightings. We made fast progress as some plants were placed in existing holes and the ground was sandy. New specimens were watered in to give them a good start.

Planting in the drizzle

Once back at the Education Centre we were pleased to note that there was enough food for 20 people. We did our best to demolish pumpkin soup, cheese-topped bread and home-baked treats. Thanks to all who helped.

Article: Sue Britain, Images: Eleanor Bissell

Developments at Travis

Following on from the news of breakins to the buildings at Travis and the taking of about $6000 worth of tools and equipment, we can report that security cameras were fitted at the end of July. We hope that will deter future burglaries. Please let us know if you see anything suspicious going on anywhere around the wetland.

It is anticipated that the board walk will be extended from the observation tower end to Clarevale Park. This will avoid the disruption of that section of path going underwater each winter. Although more expensive than building up the grit path even further it will be an enduring solution, allow water to move out into the wetland and simply fit in much better with the existing boardwalk.

Article: Dave Evans from John’s ranger report

Latest Images

Images: Grahame Bell