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July 2019

Workday Reminder, July 20 2019

Travis Wetland Location Map
Travis Wetland Location Map

The next Travis work day, is Saturday July 20 2019, 9 am – 12:30.

Meet at the Education Centre (the old farm house) near the Beach Rd car park at 9 am.

At the time of writing I don’t know what we’ll be doing – aside from trying to keep warm! As usual the work will be followed by morning tea at the Education Centre.

When we leave the Education Centre to work somewhere around the wetland a notice board in the porch will indicate where we have gone, if it’s not obvious.

Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

All tools provided.

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Workday Saturday 15 June

Travis Wetland planting June 2019
Planting by Mairehau Rd

This seemed like a very unpromising morning with heavy rain falling as daylight arrived. Things went from bad to worse when we realised that the Education Centre and the nearby Cottage has been broken into overnight. Though no major thefts were apparent there was considerable mess and a number of broken windows. Ranger John was kept very busy with contacting police and security companies while others welcomed volunteers.

We had at least 15 people present and several were first time visitors. Two people from Heritage Hotel came as part of their community volunteer programme and we welcomed some very keen international students from Lincoln University.

Travis Wetland planting June 2019
Travis Wetland planting June 2019

After a brisk walk around the track we began planting along the low wire fence close to the Mairehau Road bus stop. This area has many open grassy spots that we were keen to fill with hardy native species. Luckily the rain eased back to drizzle and conditions were not too unpleasant for us, and great for the plants. Over the next 2 hours we planted about 200 specimens and watered them from pre-filled milk containers. The ground was sandy and dry with assorted buried rubble and garbage. Our recently purchased plants were in excellent condition and included a range of species that should cope with the difficult conditions. These included small and large leafed Coprosmas, akeake, kānuka, Cassinia, Carex comans, porcupine plant and leafless lawyer.

The Lincoln University students, from Slovakia and Ireland, were keen to know more about the plant species in that part of the wetland and had many questions . They also enjoyed finding a skink in the undergrowth and observing insect species such as katydids and bag moths.

Back at the Education Centre we enjoyed well earned hot drinks and some impromptu open sandwiches and cakes. Due to the weather we had decided against having the planned barbeque. This was a wise decision as it became apparent that our thieves had run off with the sausages !

Thanks to everyone who turned up in the rain. We hope for good weather next month and no more break-ins.

Article: Sue Britain, Images: Dave Evans

Break ins at Travis

On nights following the planting day the shed and barn were also burgled. While some things were taken (a Stihl electric lawnmower and batteries and chargers, also 2 tool boxes containing a selection of spanners, pliers,  hammers screw drivers etc.) nothing historic or precious was lost. The Christchurch City Council were asked to review security at Travis and as a result a security camera will be installed. If any of you reading this live near to the Education Centre please keep an eye open and report any suspicious behaviour to the police.

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Images: Grahame Bell